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Welcome to Denny’s Towing. You must be here because you are looking for a tow company to help you north of Fort Worth in Saginaw, Texas. Let us give you an insight into what we can do for you and how we can do it better than any other towing company in the area. Here are three areas of the company that will help you decide on calling us over our competitors.

First, we are a full-service towing company. A full service towing company means we tow and provide roadside assistance services around the clock. That’s right. We never stop to ensure you have a reliable, affordable, and dependable team to call during your emergency roadside breakdown. Additionally, we can tow ANYTHING with wheels any distance you need and transport anything without wheels.

Secondly, we hire only highly qualified tow truck operators. Our tow truck operators go through yearly additional training to ensure they are always updated on new towing techniques. They value your time and provide prompt service to keep your waiting time short.

Thirdly, to ensure you and your vehicle are safe, we use only the best equipment when towing your vehicle, regardless of size. Our tow trucks are well-kept, ready to go immediately, and are the latest model tow trucks.

Saginaw Tow Truck
Saginaw Tow Truck

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A Few Of Our Affordable Services

Saginaw-Tow-Truck-2Equipment Transport Service

We have all transport needs covered from small pieces of equipment to large ones. from construction equipment to farm equipment and more we can transport it and lift it if needed.

Saginaw-Tow-Truck-3Roadside Assistance Service

No one likes to hear the sound of pitter-patter coming from a tire. Whether you have a flat in your driveway, garage, or on the side of a business highway, there’s no need to go alone. Call us, and we will make short work of that flat and promptly get you back on the road.

Saginaw-Tow-Truck-4Accident Towing

When you find yourself involved in an accident, call us at Denny’s Towing. We provide light, medium, and heavy-duty accident towing and recovery services. We have the right equipment, stamina, and integrity to put your accident in the past fast.

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Quality Towing And More Since 2005

Since 2005, our mission at Denny’s Towing is to provide the highest quality towing and roadside assistance services you can find in the Dallas, Forthworth, Texas area. Because of our commitment to our customers, towing family, and community, we have become the premiere towing shoulder for all motorists, no matter what you drive.

As a full service towing with more than enough qualifications, experience, and the best equipment, we can manage any towing, accident towing, recovery service, transporting, or roadside assistance needed.

So, when you need help with an emergency roadside breakdown, call the best towing company with budget-friendly upfront rates that will get you back on the road fast- Denny’s Towing And Recovery; you can always count on us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Emergency Towing And Roadside Assistance At A Budget Friend Rate