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Is Your Car Not Starting And You Are Not Sure If It’s The Battery Or The Alternator?

Are you sitting in your driveway with a vehicle that won’t start and unsure why? There are a few reasons that could keep your car from starting other than a dead or weak car battery. Those reasons are a loose or corroded battery, a bad starter, or a bad alternator. If you have a battery tester that measures amps, you can use it to test your battery. If you don’t, you can try jump starting your car. If you have already tried jump starting your car and that didn’t work, there’s a good chance it could be the alternator or starter. There are a few tall tell signs to determine the cause.

Bad Battery Symptoms: A car that doesn’t start immediately by turning the key over or needing gas every time you start it. Also, when it starts, you have dim lights and no radio sound. If your battery has visible corrosion on the terminals is a sign of damage to your battery. If jump starting your car gets it going, you will still need to figure out if it’s a bad or old battery. But, a bad battery can also be caused by a bad alternator.

Signs Of A Bad Alternator: A few things to look for are slow starting, not starting, dim lights, and trouble with stereo output. If your car stalls while driving it, it’s not the battery, your battery is not charging due to a bad alternator. You may even hear a whining sound when you push on the gas, which could be your alternator going bad.

You’re probably scratching your head right now, thinking I don’t have the tools or time to manage all the possibilities. The great news is you don’t have to. 

Our team here at Denny’s is happy to come and jump start your vehicle. Though we can’t diagnose your vehicle if a jump start car doesn’t get your car running, we can tell if it’s a bad battery and help you replace it. But if it’s more than your battery, we provide towing services to get your vehicle to your mechanic at an affordable upfront rate.  We understand that there are a lot of towing companies in the Arlington area, but we suggest that you choose Denny’s Towing because we provide fast response times, affordable towing rates, and great, family-friendly customer services.

Car wont start Arlington Denny's Towing
Car wont start Arlington Denny's Towing

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Count On Denny’s Towing for All Your Towing and Roadside Assistance Needs!

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Denny’s Towing is a full service towing company that provides various roadside assistance services such as jump starts, unlocks, spare tire replacement, and gas delivery. You can count on us for prompt assistance no matter the hour.

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Whether you drive a motorcycle or a fully loaded tractor trailer, Denny’s Towing is the team you can trust to tow your vehicle safely. We have the right trucks, equipment, and skills to tow light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles short or long distances.

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Our tow truck operators genuinely care about taking care of your vehicle. We follow all proper hook-up and loading to unloading techniques to ensure your vehicle arrives at its towing destination damage-free.

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At Denny’s Towing, no stone is left unturned to ensure you promptly receive superior customer service, towing, and roadside assistance. We have the best trucks, up-to-date equipment, and years of experience under our belts to assist you at a moment’s notice. With our competitive upfront pricing, it’s easy for a family to budget for an unforeseen expense of roadside breakdown.

Whether you need us for a short or long distance tow, accident tow, or a flat tire Denny’s Towing has the training, knowledge, and reliability you need to keep your family safe while driving in the Arlington area.
From residential towing to towing your fleet vehicles no matter the size, Denny’s Towing is always ready to go the distance 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do you have any questions about our services? Our knowledgeable dispatchers are ready to answer them all.