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Do you have heavy equipment you need transported? Whether you are a construction company or an individual working on a project that requires heavy equipment, it can be tricky to get your equipment where you need it on time. Getting your equipment moved can be time-consuming due to all the details required to get your equipment from one location to another. If you can’t move your equipment yourself either due to not having enough manpower or the essential equipment to safely transport your equipment, finding the right flatbed transport company is essential. Even when you do find a company to move your equipment, it’s still is important to understand everything about the process.

A few steps help the transport process go smoothly while receiving a damage-free transport for your valuable equipment.

  1. Have all your details ready when you call into request for your equipment to be moved. Such as heavy equipment specifications, the time you need the transportation services to be performed, as well as the pickup/drop-off locations.
  2. Ask for the companies experience and certification. Are they insured just in case an accident should happen during any of the processes of transporting including loading, and unloading?
  3. When you have chosen a company to move your equipment, be sure to go over the details with the driver when they arrive for pickup that includes drop-off location and contact person when dropping off if there is one.

When you need your equipment moved from point A to point B give Denny’s Towing a call. Our tow truck operators are trained, knowledgeable, and committed to providing excellent service, quality work, and value to our customers.

Equipment Transport Arlington
Equipment Transport Arlington

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Equipment-Transport-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-4Flatbed Towing

From motorcycles, classic cars to low profile vehicles, Denny’s Towing has what it takes to safely and professionally tow your vehicle. Best of all our towing rates are affordable no matter what you need towed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Equipment-Transport-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-5Roadside Assistance

Don’t get your clothes dirty changing your flat. Lock your keys in your car? Denny’s Towing has you covered whether you’ve run out of gas to needing a jump start, whether you are sitting on a busy roadway, parking lot, or in your garage.

Equipment-Transport-Dennys-Towing-6Heavy Duty Towing

Do you have a big rig down? We are always available to help get your heavy duty truck back on the road. We provide commercial fleet towing no matter the size of your fleet. From a small car, box truck, service trucks to a fully loaded semi, you can count on Denny’s to quickly tow your vehicle.

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Here at Denny’s, we take the time to ensure our tow truck operators have the right training, experience, and attitude to provide you with the highest quality towing service in the industry. That also includes our drivers being licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR).

We keep our tow trucks in great working condition to ensure all of our equipment is functioning correctly. And we have all of the tools necessary to ensure we perform our towing services at the highest level in the industry.

Whether you need a tow or roadside assistance, Denny’s Towing has your back 24/7. We have what it takes to help keep your business rolling and your family safe during a breakdown, all at an affordable flat towing rates.

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