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Denny’s towing would like to thank you for seeing who we are and the services we have to offer. We are a full service towing and roadside assistance company. Our staff is thoroughly trained and has the experience you need, no matter your situation. From the moment you call, you will see how our team genuinely cares about helping you in your time of need. Our dispatch team knows the right questions to ask to ensure the right truck is en route to you, and your location is secured.

Every tow truck operator in our company is trained in the latest towing safety procedures to ensure a damage-free tow no matter what you drive. You can count on our team to tow and even recover anything that rolls. With our equipment, we can tow anything from passenger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, cars, four-wheel drive up to commercial trucks, and fully loaded tractor-trailers. RV’S, boats, trailers, and even planes, we can move it all.

So, when you need a towing company to help you roadside whether you need a tow or one of our roadside assistance services such as an unlock, jump start, tire change, and gas delivery when you’ve run out of gas, call Denny’s towing and Recovery. You can always count on us to provide you with a helping hand up with a friendly smile. Denny’s Towing has wrecker tow trucks standing by, waiting for your call.


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Tow-Truck-Dennys-Towing-2Roadside Assistance

Whether you have a flat tire roadside, to needing a jump start in your garage, or needing an unlock at the supermarket, Denny’s Towing has the right equipment and training to get you taken care of quickly and professionally.

Tow-Truck-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-Texas-4Towing And Transport Service

From residential backyard projects to commercial building projects, with our flatbed tow trucks we can transport equipment you need to be moved as well as your car, trucks, SUV and Four Wheel Drive.

Tow-Truck-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-Texas-4Tractor Trailer Towing

With our 35-ton heavy-duty wreckers, you can count on Denny’s Towing to come through when you have a fully loaded tractor-trailer down. We are available 24 hours a day to help keep your crew moving on down the road

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At Denny’s Towing, from our state of the art equipment to our highly trained operators with experience, who are always ready and able to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Our rates are affordable. We provide upfront competitive pricing, which includes flat rates. Therefore, you won’t be surprised by a tow bill you didn’t expect. Because we truly understand not only how frustrating it is when you have a breakdown, but the out of the pocket expense adds to the frustration.

When you need a towing company for a tow or roadside service, we have the dedication, experience, and knowledge to keep you and your family safe while on the roads. Call Denny’s Towing, we are here when you need us to keep you and your family safe and rolling on down the road.

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Arlington’s Premier Towing Company

When it comes to towing needs in Arlington, there’s a name that stands tall among the rest – Denny’s Towing. Proudly rooted in the heart of Arlington, Texas, this locally-owned towing company is more than just a service; it’s a lifeline for anyone seeking dependable and diverse towing solutions.

With a robust fleet of tow trucks, including both nimble light-duty ones and brawny heavy-duty beasts, Denny’s Towing is equipped to handle a staggering array of vehicles. From your trusty motorcycle to your everyday personal car, even hefty commercial vehicles and industrial machinery – they’ve got it all under control. No need to sweat the details; just call us up, and our team will be at your side faster than a coyote chasing a jackrabbit.

Now, let’s talk about a real game-changer – our 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Life’s full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes, you find yourself stuck in a pickle, whether it’s a late-night mishap or an untimely breakdown. Fear not, for Denny’s Towing is your guardian angel in such dire times. Day or night, rain or shine, if you’ve had a fender-bender or you’re stranded on that lonesome stretch of road, all you gotta do is give us a holler.

But hold on, partner, that ain’t all. Denny’s Towing ain’t just about hauling your vehicles; they’re also in the business of peace of mind. Do you need a hauling quote? They’ll have it ready quicker than a jackrabbit’s hop. Roadside assistance? They’ve got that, too, ready to keep the good folks of Arlington, Texas, safe and sound.

So remember, when the road throws you a curveball, don’t go wrangling with troubles on your own. Call in the cavalry – call Denny’s Towing. Whether you’re in a bind in the heart of Arlington or need towing services in Fort Worth, Texas, these pros are primed and ready to ride to your rescue. Give ’em a jingle, and let Denny’s Towing turn your towing woes into tales of triumph.

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