Parking Enforcement

If you have abandoned vehicles and or parking problems with unauthorized vehicles on your property, we would like to help.

Denny’s Towing is a 24 Hour full-service private property towing company that can remove any kind of vehicles that may be abandoned or wrongfully parked on your parking lot or garage.  We have an A+ BBB rating with the Better Business Bureau and are licensed and insured to legally remove vehicles from private property. We are permitted by the City of Arlington and the City of Ft Worth to provide nonconsensual towing services. And our tow truck operators are highly skilled in communications with motorists and will handle every impoundment tow with professionalism and respect.

Parking Enforcement Signs

Property owners are required by law to inform customers of any parking rules that they have in place. When you call us to provide private property impound towing service, we will put up all the required signage at our own expense.

Signs must be in place 24 hours before we can begin to provide impound towing services.   We’ll keep your lot clear of unwanted, and abandoned vehicles at the vehicle owner’s expense.

No charges are ever made to property owners. All towing and impound charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner who parked in your lot without authorization. So, if you need a quality wrecker service to keep your lot clear of unwanted, illegally parked vehicles, give us a call. We are specialists in hassle-free vehicle towing and can help you get back your space.


Parking Enforcement Contract

By law, we are required to have a signed contract in place with the property owner 24 hours prior to performing private property towing. So, contacting us in advance, before you have a need for our towing services, is in your best interest.  With a parking enforcement contract in place, along with the required signage, your account will be completely set up and we’ll take it from there.  We’ll help you take back your space by providing flatbed tow trucks to ensure all illegally parked vehicles are removed from your property.


Contact Us For Impound Towing Services

    • For more than 20 years we have been providing exceptional trespass towing services to apartment complex owners, commercial property owners, and HOA communities.
    • We have the experience and tools in place that are necessary to exceed your specific needs.
    • We pride ourselves on our professionalism but what really matters is that your property remains free of unwanted vehicles.
    • When you work with us, you’ll soon learn that Denny’s Towing is a valuable part of your team.

    Private property towing is the legal removal of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles from private property. Contact us to learn how we can protect your private property rights.

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    Private Property Vehicle Removal

    If you own a business, your parking lot or garage is essential to its ongoing viability. If the parking spaces that were set aside for your customers are being used by others, your business can suffer.

    If you own a building with assigned parking for your tenants but unwanted vehicles are continually parked in their spaces, you stand the chance of losing those tenants.

    Unfortunately, this problem is never going to go away completely. Because as long as there have been places to park, there have always been people who blatantly disregard the property rights of others. And, when your parking spots are not available for your customers or tenants, your business or rental income will take a hit.

    You need a way to remove unauthorized vehicles, quickly. But, more than that, you need something in place to deter illegal parking. That’s where Denny’s Towing and our private property towing services come in.