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At Denny’s Towing, our tireless commitment lies in delivering the utmost quality of customer service.

Denny’s Towing offers all-inclusive towing solutions as a full-service company. Our amass of services includes light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing, catering to motorists outside of Dallas, Texas, in Richardson, Texas, and surrounding areas.. With round-the-clock availability, we promptly respond to calls, ensuring rapid assistance, often within minutes.

Our company stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise in the dynamic scenery of towing services. With our deep-rooted commitment to assisting stranded motorists and businesses, we take pride in offering a comprehensive list of services, from roadside assistance to heavy-duty towing and equipment transport. With a dedicated courteous team of tow truck operators that are highly trained and have experience towing anything with wheels, we promise you will be impressed with our level of dedication to our craft.

Our skilled team is equipped to handle diverse challenges with precision and to do so in a manner that aligns with your budgetary needs with tow trucks ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty, 35-ton wreckers capable of towing even the heaviest tractor-trailers. Denny’s is a recognized industry leader. Our goal is to provide high-quality, round-the-clock support, ensuring peace of mind for our customers, with a dedication that goes above and beyond to be a dependable, affordable, and efficient partner on every journey. We are committed to towing and serving you with excellent customer service, quality work, and value.

When you call us at Denny’s, we promise your wait will be short. Denny’s Towing provides the area’s quickest response times and turn-around times. We empathize with the stress vehicle breakdowns entail and approach your car problems seriously. Your time is precious, and we labor diligently to reach your vehicle promptly, valuing your convenience above all.

Richardson Tow Truck
Richardson Tow Truck

Around The Clock Richardson Tow Truck

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Our All Inclusive Towing Services And More

Richardson-Tow-Truck-2Accident Towing

We specialize in prompt and reliable accident towing services, available around the clock. Our skilled towing service team we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and efficient recovery process during challenging times. Easing your accident worries and providing you with 100% satisfactory service is always our priority.

Richardson-Tow-Truck-3Residential And Commercial Towing

Whether you’re a regular motorist or a business owner, our towing services cater to residential and commercial needs. From assisting stranded motorists to towing and transporting heavy equipment, we provide dependable solutions. Our highly skilled tow truck operators are committed to prompt, affordable, and safe towing, ensuring your convenience and satisfaction every time.

Richardson-Tow-Truck-5Roadside Assistance Services

Because we offer comprehensive roadside assistance services to ensure your needs are swiftly met, you’re never stranded alone. From jump-starts and tire changes to lockout assistance, we provide immediate solutions 24/7. You can always trust us at Denny’s Towing to provide dependable, affordable roadside assistance support.

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Thank you for taking the time to see who we are at Denny’s Towing. We also add that whether we tow your classic car, RV, or fully loaded tractor trailer, our TDLR licensed tow truck operators always put your safety first.

Equipped with top-tier resources, our experienced crew is at your service 24/7. Our competitive and transparent pricing structure features flat rates that provide our customers with clarity and convenience.

Whether you’re facing breakdowns, accidents, or needing help with a flat tire, trust Denny’s Towing to have you covered. Our seasoned tow truck operators have the experience, expertise, and steadfast commitment to prioritize your safety and that of your loved ones while navigating the roads.

Want to know how we have the best tow truck service around? Give us a call, and we would be glad to extrapolate.