Tow Truck Service Arlington

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The Team At Denny’s Towing Is Committed To Providing You With The Highest Level Of Towing Services Available In The Arlington, Texas Area.

Towing your car or truck is not the easiest thing to do. If you attempt to tow your own vehicle by using a trailer or even another vehicle and a tow rope, the difficulty increases immensely. Plus, the chances of causing real damage to your vehicle or another vehicle increases. The time it takes to borrow a trailer, ensure you have the right tow hitch, and then loading and securing your car is not worth the trouble. Think about how you’re going to get a car, that cannot move on its own power, onto a trailer. Of course, you could corral a couple of your buddies to help, or even attempt to load your car onto a trailer with a come-along. But why would you want to go to all of that headache?

Instead, we suggest that you call Denny’s Towing when you need tow truck service. Our wreckers and flatbed tow trucks are specifically equipped with all the bells and whistles necessary to ensure your car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV is towed properly and without damage. And, if you’re worried that there’s a high price tag that goes along with such specialized services, well you’d be wrong. Our towing and roadside assistance services are all very competitively priced, so much in fact, that some even Google cheap tow truck and our website appears. You see, we have tow trucks running up and down the streets and highways of Arlington all of the time. This ease of availability allows us to provide competitive tow rates.

So, if you need 24 hour auto towing, a car jump start, secure motorcycle towing, or any other emergency roadside assistance service, call on Denny’s Towing anytime. We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions and then provide you with the highest quality towing service around.

Tow Truck Service Arlington
Tow Truck Service Arlington

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Call On The Team At Denny’s Towing Whenever You Need Towing Done Right. Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, And Heavy-Duty Towing And Accident Recovery.

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Tow Truck Service ArlingtonCar Accident Towing

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know that not only is it a stressful situation, but you’re also at a loss of who to call for assistance. Well, rather than scratching your head wondering what to do, plug the phone number to Denny’s Towing into your contact list on your phone. Fast, affordable accident towing.

Tow Truck Service ArlingtonEquipment Transport

If you have a weekend do-it-yourself job coming up but you don’t have the time or a trailer to transport the necessary equipment back to your place, give us a call. We have flatbed tow trucks available, and tow truck operators who know their way around all types of equipment. Why waste valuable time transporting it yourself, call Denny’s.

Tow Truck Service ArlingtonVehicle Transport

Nobody plans for an emergency towing situation, and when one happens you’ll want to call a dependable and yet affordable towing truck service to come to the rescue. At Denny’s Towing, our team of hardy towing professionals prides itself on our fantastic vehicle transport services. So, if you get yourself in a bind while out on the road, we’re available.

Emergency Car Assistance Performed By Tow Trained Truck Operators


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Whether you’ve been involved in an accident, stuck on the side of the road due to a car breakdown, or you’ve run over a nail and have a flat tire, you can have solace in the knowledge that Denny’s Towing is right around the corner. Our team of experienced professionals has years of built-up know-how in their mental toolboxes, and our tow company has the accreditation of the BBB. And, when you couple this 100+ years of knowledge with the fact that we work closely with all of the area law enforcement agencies, you can see why Denny’s Towing is the towing company to choose in the Arlington, Texas area. Our business has been around for decades, so you know that we take our reputation of providing competitively priced towing very seriously. We provide impound towing for commecial clients who own or manage a parking lot, and we even provide free parking signs to help deter illegal parking. We have more than the state-required insurance. Our tow truck operators possess the highest level of certification from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. And our towing trucks and equipment are state of the art. With this knowledge, you can see that we will be the best choice of a towing company when you need help with any type of vehicle emergency.

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