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You can count on Denny’s Towing to provide you with the highest level of towing service at an upfront reasonable flat rate.

Are you looking for an affordable tow truck company to tow your vehicle in Arlington, Texas? You’ve landed on the right page. Denny’s Towing is a full service towing and vehicle transport company that provides high-quality towing services to motorists in and around Arlington, Texas.

Our wreckmaster certified tow truck operators tow for residential and commercial customers and understand how valuable your time is. And when you have an unforeseen expense of a roadside breakdown, adding a towing cost to that is frustrating. Not to mention it can be hard to lay out the extra monies for a tow when you have a family to take care of. That’s why our flat rate price is affordable for families, businesses, and companies who manage a fleet of vehicles. Our flat-rate pricing is upfront, so there won’t be any hidden charges, and we provide you with easy ways to pay your tow bill.

Don’t call a fly-by-night towing company to save you a few pennies. Many of these companies are not fully insured to cover any damages that may occur during towing. With Denny’s Towing, we are 100% licensed and insured for your safety and other motorists on the road and comply with all state and local Arlington’s towing regulations. As well as having the proper licensing through the state of Texas to operate legally.

Affordable Towing Denny's Towing
Affordable Towing Denny's Towing Arlington

Affordable Towing And Roadside Assisance

Reasonably Priced Towing With A Friendly Smile

24/7 Services And More…

Affordable-Towing-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-3Emergency Towing

Morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight. No matter the time of day you can count on Denny’s to answer your call and provide you with fast emergency towing services whether it’s from an accident or on a busy highway.

Affordable-Towing-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-3Short And Long Distance Towing

Across Arlington or to another city. We are equipped to tow anything that rolls, including a fully loaded tractor trailer. No matter the distance of your tow, we have the staff and the right equipment to get your vehicle where you need it.

Affordable-Towing-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-TexasRoadside Assistance

Whether your vehicle is in the garage, store parking lot, or on the side of the highway, you can count on Denny’s to handle all of your roadside assistance needs. Fast tire change service, gas delivery, unlock service, and more, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Knowledgeable And Courteous Tow Truck Operators

Fast Service When You Need It

Arlington, Texas

Call Denny’s For Damage Free Towing

If you are looking for a tow on your classic mustang by a professional towing company that pays attention to details, we are the company to call. Or maybe you just simply need a jumpstart. Our rates are affordable, and our services are provided by knowledgeable tow truck operators who know their way around all make and model vehicles.

We believe motorists should have full transparency on towing and roadside assistance rates with no bait and switch anticks to deal with. That is why Denny’s Towing offers upfront affordable roadside assistance and towing services in Arlington, Texas.

Therefore, when looking for an affordable company to tow your vehicle or bring you a couple of gallons of gas, call us. Denny’s Towing the towing team you can trust.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have.