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How To Jump Start Car Battery

Are you wondering how to jump start your car? Instead of doing it yourself, give us a call at Denny’s Towing

Denny’s Towing is a full service Frisco tow truck company that provides affordable roadside assistance and towing services for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. We believe in providing prompt, high quality services whether you need a jump start or a tow. And we offer our convenient roadside assistance and towing services to residential and commercial motorists around the clock.

As to how to jump start your car, here’s a short rundown on the how-to. Though we do advise letting a professional do it for you to ensure you don’t cause any damage to your vehicle.

  1. First, you are going to need jumper cables. If you don’t have any, stop and go ahead and give us a call.
  2. Second, you will need a second vehicle that runs.
  3. Third, if you have the cables and the second vehicle, pull the running vehicle next to the nonrunning car as close as possible, then turn the vehicle off.
  4. Fourth, now the work begins. It’s time to attach the jumper cables. Take one end of the cables and find the positive clamp. The positive clamp will have a puls mark and is sometimes also red. Attach the positive clamp to the positive terminal on the battery of the dead battery. It, too, will have a plus to indicate it’s positive side and may also be red. Now attach the jumper cables’ negative clamp to the battery’s negative terminal. DO NOT ALLOW THE OTHER END OF THE CALE CLAMPS TO TOUCH EACH OTHER. Doing so could hurt you and damage the engine of your vehicle.
  5. Fifth, now carefully attach the other end of the cables to the positive and negative terminals of the running vehicle. Again be careful and do not allow the jumper cable clamps to touch while attaching it to the car battery. 
  6. Sixth, you can start the running car once the jumper cables are attached to both batteries. Give it a few minutes to charge the dead battery, then start the vehicle with the battery you are charging.
  7. Seventh, now you can remove the jumper cables by doing the process backward. AGAIN DO NOT ALLOW THE CLAMPS OF THE CABLE TO TOUCH UNTIL YOU HAVE BOTH ENDS OF THE JUMPER CABLES REMOVED FROM BOTH BATTERIES.

The fastest way to get your vehicle running in Fort Worth and Arlington is to call us at Denny’s Towing. And if it’s more than your battery, we can tow it to your repair shop.We are fast, reliable, and affordable.

Jump Start Car
Jump Start Car
Jump Start Car

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