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Are You Running Late For Work Because Of A Dead Battery? Give Us A Call Here At Denny’s For Fast Service.

Did you leave your overhead light on in your car last night after a frantic search for your child’s favorite toy leaving you with a dead car battery? It’s happened to all of a time or two either because we forgot to turn our headlights off due to an overhead light being left on. Denny’s Towing has the solution for you. Our battery boost service is fast and affordable and is performed by professional tow truck operators who will safely get your car running again.
A common question we get asked from our customers who require a batter boost is, “do I need a new battery after a jump start?” The answer is no. After your battery boost, allow your car to run for 20 minutes or so. Turn your car off, and then try starting it again. If it holds a charge, it should be ok. If it doesn’t hold a charge, you may need a new battery.
There are other reasons your battery may not hold a charge if you have a bad alternator, corrosion on your battery terminal, or a bad fuse.
No matter the reason your car, truck, SUV, four wheel drive, or all wheel drive vehicle won’t start, you can count on Denny’s to help you find the solution to your vehicle problem.

Jump Start Denny's Towing Arlington
Jump Start Denny's Towing Arlington

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Jump-Start-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-3Accident Towing

Unfortunately, accidents happen, but to help ease the discomfort, having a towing company you can trust and depend on is priceless. Denny’s Towing Company is trustworthy and available 24/7 to help clean up your accident.

Jump-Start-Truck-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-4Classic Car Towing

Classic cars, high-end vehicles, low to the ground, and any vehicle that your vehicle’s manufacturer require to tow up off the ground is the type of vehicle to call us for our flatbed towing service.

Jump-Start-Dennys-Towing-Arlington-524/ 7 Roadside Assistance

With our roadside assistance service, when you need help with a dead battery, flat tire, or an emergency unlock, you can rest assured you have a knowledgeable, professional towing company by your side all day and all night.

Emergency Towing When You Need It The Most




Three of the best attributes of a professional towing company are providing safe and convenient towing and being available when you need them. We believe Denny’s Towing processes all three attributes to help the motorists of Arlington, Texas. Our tow truck operators are certified operators who are knowledgeable and always put safe towing practices first. Putting safe towing practices first also includes keeping our state-of-the-art trucks clean, maintained, and ready to go with all the necessary equipment needed to take care of your vehicle correctly.
You can always count on them to provide you with convenience services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With that said, please give us a call here at Denny’s Towing for all your towing and roadside assistance needs. Whether you are a residential motorist who needs a flatbed for towing their car, or a commercial motorist who operates a tractor trailer that needs to be towed to the truck repair shop, Denny’s Towing is the company to call.

Allow us to show you how we provide the best towing and roadside assistance services around.