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Looking For Fast, Reliable Towing, No-Hassle Towing And Roadside Assitance Problem Solver?

Do you need a towing company quickly and are tired of waiting for your insurance company? Instead of calling your insurance provider and talking to numerous people first to confirm your insurance coverage. Then, only to be transferred to another person, you’ll have to repeat your information. Your insurance company will then locate the cheapest priced service provider that’s closest to you. Again, having to go over your information on your coverage and your vehicle type with your location to the service provider that will finally dispatch a tow truck to your location.

When looking for a towing company to tow your car to the repair shop, or provide towing and roadside assistance when you are involved in an accident or stranded roadside, you want the fastest, no-hassle way to get help, right? Well, the way to get that hassle-free help is to call Denny’s Towing directly. We provide no-hassle, professional towing, and roadside assistance services to motorists in Fort Worth, Texas. You will only have to tell us what you need once streamlining the process for faster response.  After we have provided you with the towing service you need, we will provide you with a paid invoice to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement.

Instead of calling your insurance company and having to repeat your information over and over like a robot to find the closest, cheap towing truck service, call Denny’s Towing for fast, professional, affordable, and reliable service.


Denny’s Towing, Faster Than AAA Towing

Denny’s Towing Is Always Ready To Help You!

Your Towing And Roadside Assitance Solution

AAA-Towing-Dennys-Towing-4Roadside Assitance

No need to call to get your clothes dirty changing your tire or walking miles to the nearest gas station for gas. When you run out of gas, give Denny’s Towing a call for fast roadside assistance. We’ll have a tow truck there in no time.

AAA-Towing-Dennys-Towing-7Towing Servies

Denny’s Towing provides damage-free towing for light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty trucks. We know our way around anything that rolls and have the right equipment to help you get on the road quicky.

AAA-Towing-Dennys-Towing-8Available 24 Hours A Day

The greatest thing about Denny’s Towing is we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We know unfortunate roadside events never happen at a convenient time. But, rather than waiting on AAA roadside to send a tow truck, know that we are always available to help you.

Professional And Trained Tow Truck Operators


Fort Worth, Texas

Denny’s Towing works every day to raise the towing industry’s standard by striving to provide an outstanding customer experience utilizing trained and certified tow truck operators, up to date equipment, and underpromising but over-delivering at an affordable rate.

Because vehicles have become more technologically advanced and complex, our wreckmaster tow truck operators that know how to properly tow and provide roadside assistance to any kind of vehicle. Towing Service in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas Areas.

We are committed to serving motorists in need with the highest quality customer service by responding quickly to your needs and truly caring about you and your vehicle. From vehicle breakdowns, roadside assistance needs, and accidents, you can rest assured that we are ready and willing to provide you with the service you deserve when you need it the most.

Call Denny’s Towing, no hassle, no stress, and the right tow truck driven by a certified tow truck operator with a quick response to your location.